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    Carding is still 100% not dead

    Thanks for taking time to respond. Your input is greatly appreciated. I hear you bt lets be honest, i don't know what country you in but lets test your moral compass.. So you think every Politician in your country are legit? or lets even keep it basic and talk about banks.. Whats a Bank.. This...
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    Carding is still 100% not dead

    So this is a discussion forum, if youve been here long and have experience, feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts, if you just joined us and have no idea don't be shy to ask a comment too.. But if your noob ass just got scammed and are here ranting hate please take that energy to the...
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    How to cash out a Bank log?

    So First In my group everything is escrow so you don't need to worry As for the balance banklog - good banklogs are often sold at high prices - it depends very little on the balance in the banklog - which depends on the accompanying information to cashout so for 100-200$ you won't buy a...
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    How to cash out a Bank log?

    i usually work with canada banklog it's easy to cashout because they can add your phone number in Log i also have a group - they sell everything on it including the banklog - and also some people can cashout it to btc - so if you are a newbie and don't want to lose the first amount to your...
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    good or bad

    I met a lot of people using their own laptops for carding without any vm vpn or rdp - just sock and tmac Of course I don't recommend anyone to do that PC---->VPN+VM---->>>RDP+SOCK + (Tmac if you do banking stuff)
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    Carding idea/Plan

    Just stop while you're ahead. You're a kid and you want to make 2-3k a month? People are going to instantly ask question where this money is coming from. Carding? How are you planning to cash out? Want to face laundering charges plus fraud? Dealing on the street? What are you going to do when...
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    Looking for advice for a new Carder

    Logs generally is where you can start. And one thing i can tell you is just think outside the box. Everything seems easy but not what everyone thinks. Look also for some post i made here and other post on the forum that way you will have a clear way of how to go about it. Also brodie get logs...
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    New to carding questions

    1. A full set of info on someone (varies by vendor) usually full names, addresses, cc#'s, ssn, email. 2. Cards and dumps are just different forms of the same card info. The main difference is dumps are used irl/in store carding most cards aren't. Dumps are raw card data that is skimmed or...
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    CVV Shop Question !

    here some links http://yaleshopurdewuubyrmpnhyphkpjmgpurd54dso3s36xtlemrlrhvjad.onion/ http://fvgmmne4jewb4e46xnknufqdqf5shpgn5pmxlajdu4iuzg25w35re5ad.onion/login?
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    Carding Cashout Assistance (reward included)

    Real dumps go for 260 USD + . I get mine from european/russian source. they are using GSTACK/ASTACK/BInary instead of track1&&2
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    Carding Cashout Assistance (reward included)
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    Carding Cashout Assistance (reward included)

    Error code starting with 3 means NO balance. So the card was washed/emptied. Can you please state where you got the dump from? That would explain a lot.
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    brainclub vs benumb

    I've Had success with both , Though I lost my login to Benumb so I use Briansclub more (used it more anyways) Briansclub don't disappoint for me In My Honest Opinion .
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    CC info

    do not check the card with checkers!!! You'll kill them. just try to pay to some free trial site and if it work, the card is live