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    Where do i start?

    Buy refundable card from briansclub or somewhere like that. When you get the card check it yourself using doordash or anything like that. If it lets you add the card then it's valid. Start with low level carding like food, clothes, low budget local companies. Document everything you do whether...
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    Are bins worth it

    Do not buy bins. They are either fake or they are old and they used them up. Try cards and if it works note the first 6 digits. If the same digits hit, thats a good bin. Keep the list close and dont share with anyone unless you want to burn your resources.
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    DUMPS: How to Disable EMV Chip

    If you have 20X dumps you can't disable the EMV chip, I suggest you to buy 101 dumps
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    Methods and experiance. Team up

    I fuck with the vision im new to this but tru to this as well
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    carding question

    Don't call yourself NewB you're the best God gave you the same mind as kevin mitnick. Have some patience and try finding some new methods. YOUR ANSWER Dumps : - - Dumps is fraudster slang for the raw data on a credit card's magnetic strip. It may be obtained in various ways, including physically...
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    What is the thought on this method?

    So the method we used was. We would steal a whole bunch of cards. Usually values above $50.00 and then we would carefully remove the barcode from half the cards that we are keeping for ourselves. We would then paste that barcode neatly on the other half matching with the intended value. Those we...
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    What is the thought on this method?

    Thanks for this. So as I thought the drop part is very difficult but possible with right method. Also getting the area socks. Also got to pin down getting the right fullz. As long as the method could work I will eventually. Prepaid cards are the best but it seems like they don't exist here...
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    What is the thought on this method?

    I used my personal Stripe to cash out stolen prepaid gift cards from CVS. Worked pretty well for a time. Obviously I can't cash out the stolen cards from here and nobody can get a legit fix on where I can get prepaid visa / Mastercard gift cards here.(ALL THE SCAMMERS WHO JUST GOT A HARDON FROM...
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    No one gives out their working bins in public. Bins are found through trial and error. Search for perfect bins for your use through trial and error, and if you are dedicated you must get several that will work. The trial and error process will pay you in long term.
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    ATM Withdrawal Possible

    ye anythang possible... make sure you got the right plugs. digg deeper and yull get there ye you can burn the chip and itll work. i do the same shit here
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    Cloning cards dumps pins

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    Visa No CVV Cards Method

    On the clearnet ive bought visa cards that dont have the 3 digit cvv code from sellers who somehow check them for balances. Usally they sell a 50$ card for 25, a 100$ card for 50, and a 200$ card for 100, also other bulk deals they offer. They have methods of how to use them to reload your...
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    Carding/Swiping Is Still Alive

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    Haven't carded in a while and came back to being dead

    I just spent a year as a guest of the fed country club. Got out, fired of my laptop and all the old spots for good shit is gone, infodig, c2bit, and robocheck are all gone. I am basically starting over again fucking around with sites to buy cvvs testing out 50.00 at a time and getting...