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Jan 21, 2023
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ASAP Market

ASAP Market - The latest Darknet Market with a Huge Range of Products

ASAP Market has made an incredible impact in the darknet scene, turning heads with its expansive range of product categories. Founded over 12 months ago and called ASEAN Market initially, it quickly changed the name and became one of the hottest brand on today's darknet marketplaces.

ASAP is determined to stop scammers and fake reviews in their tracks with an advanced detection system. Their dedication doesn't end there, as they also offer vendor bonds tailored to each individual based on the value they can provide, ensuring a safe marketplace for all involved.

The ASAP admins are a highly engaged team, frequently conversing with users on the Dread forum to ensure their queries and issues can be swiftly resolved. Though operating slightly slower than other darknet markets, ASAP's well-honed system guarantees efficient results every time.

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ASAP market is an e-commerce giant offering a comprehensive selection of Digital Goods, exceeding even the selection of drugs. With its massive Fraud section filled with valuable guides and tutorials not found elsewhere for free, ASAP has something for everyone in the digital universe.

ASAP is an ideal solution for those looking to make informed decisions when selecting a market without registering an account. Though the vendors on ASAP may have less experience than other markets, they do span a global reach, and many boast hundreds of sales in their respective markets.

Available products

ASAP Market offers a substantial selection of 17,000 products to meet all your shopping needs. As one of the larger markets available today, it is sure to make shopping effortless and enjoyable.

ASAP's expansive selection features a variety of categories, such as Digital Goods, Fraud, Cannabis & Hash, and Stimulants. Among these choices, the most significant being Digital Goods– one can use their search box to locate their desired item with accuracy quickly.

Payment modes

ASAP Market facilitates convenient payments, allowing customers to use both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). Utilizing the central account wallet system, users can deposit coins as a form of payment so they can quickly place their order.

At checkout, funds are securely held by the market until confirmation of receipt, offering buyers extra peace of mind. Customers with FE-only privileges to select vendors benefit from a Finalized Early Ordering process for added security and convenience.


  • A comprehensive collection of categories, each with a wide array of listings, provides users a seamless experience.​
  • To protect against fraud, ASAP employs two-factor authentication.​
  • Admins and staff collaborate closely with users to address and resolve their issues.​


  • Pages with slow loading times.​
  • Poor design and a difficult-to-navigate marketplace can be off-putting to users.​

Asap Market

ASAP stands out from the crowd as a unique darknet market. It provides access to an extensive range of digital items and fraud-related products. For those seeking something different, this could be worth exploring. Many small vendors can provide intriguing solutions for your needs, even if they need more established credentials or expertise.

Despite being a nascent market, it has already become an essential service provider. Even when more established markets experience downturns or closures, this new player remains resilient and reliable for customers to turn to.


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