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Jan 21, 2023
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Royal Market

Royal Market - An Ever-Expanding Darknet Market

Royal Market is well-positioned to become the biggest darknet market, boasting an appealing design coupled with an easy registration process. Since opening for business in October 2020, users have been delighted by its unique layout, which takes cues from other markets and rectifies previous design flaws.

Royal marketplace is a revolutionary concept that allows customers to buy products by dealing with per-order payments, without the hassle of creating an account wallet. It also rewards veteran vendors who have earned several 'points' on this platform through its FE functionality.

Although Royal offers great user convenience, it lacks listing filters, and search options are somewhat restricted, accepting XMR & BTC payment methods.

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With Royal Market, you can learn something new. Whether your machine runs on Windows or Linux, tutorials are available to help broaden your skills. Royal Market is bustling due to the recent closings of other darknet markets. Keeping their users anonymous, Royal provides a "live feed" of activity by hiding all but the first and last letter of usernames. So, you can always get an idea of how active it is. To attract top-tier vendors from diverse markets, the market has access to feedback of other 34 marketplaces. This allows buyers unprecedented insight into a vendor's competency and credibility.​

Product Selection

Royal Market makes navigation a breeze with convenient front page categories that simplify browsing. This platform is a premier darknet market, boasting an extensive array of illicit offerings, from Counterfeit items to Drug Recipes and Tutorials. Cannabis stands strong as their most popular category; however, they also offer digital products such as Leaks and Fraud Documents. The market boasts an impressive 22,000+ listings on any given day - making it a giant among darknet markets.​

Payment Methods

With the per-order payment system, Royal Market has revolutionized its handling of funds. There is no longer a centralized wallet containing users' money, meaning each exchange is secure and efficient. Royal Market offers an exciting alternative to the traditional payment system: Bitcoin and Monero can be used as automated deposit options.

What sets this platform apart from other markets is that multiple addresses, each with its withdrawal code, can be added at once for a secure shopping experience. Buyers can take advantage of Royal's point system to earn trustworthiness and unlock the expedited Trusted Vendor status. Standard orders are still promptly processed using escrow methods, all buyers will also be required to configure a refund address before checkout as an additional security measure.​


  • Offers an intuitive interface and a straightforward design​
  • Extensive number of vendors and listings across multiple categories​
  • Payment system is based on a per-order setup​


  • Significant amount of spam appearing in non physical item sections​
  • Need advanced search features and easy to use filters.​

Bottom line

After being in business for over a year and a half, Royal Market has already positioned itself as an industry leader by incorporating popular features. Despite the closing of some competitors in early 2022, this market's successful adaptation to these changes serves as a testament to its ability to foresee potential trends.

This anonymous marketplace is a rising star in the darknet, attracting an impressive 1,000 new users daily. With their success so far this year and no shortage of customers, they may soon become the most popular English-language darknet market by the end of 2023.

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