Jordan 4 travis scott reps


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Sep 16, 2023
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On the lookout for Jordan 4 Travis Scott replicas! Where can I find high-quality reps that capture the essence of the original design? Any trusted sources or recommendations from the sneaker community? Your insights are much appreciated!


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Oct 1, 2023
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Where to Copp (W2C): The Best Replica Jordan 4 Travis Scott reps

Option 1: Kick Who


Batches Provided: H12 ( Domestic Market), GodKiller (H12 Factory High-end Version)
Wechat 1: kickwho-cc
Whatsapp 1: +852 9145 2559
Whatsapp 2: +852 5513 9716
Whatsapp 3: +852 5374 1963
Subreddit: /r/Kickwho
Instagram: @kickwho.snkrs
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Option 2: Coco


Batches Sold: GD, GP, OWF
NEW Website:
OLD Website Link:
WeChat: coco-s7 | cocosneakersru
Whatsapp: +8618059576801 | +8617850697767
IG: hicocoorg | hicocoorg03
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Option 3: Alice


Batches Sold: UBS, LJR, OG, PK, OWF
Whatsapp: +85254746129
WeChat: ubuysneakers
Reddit: u/ubuysneakers
Instagram: @ubuysneakers
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About: Jordan 4 Travis Scott
The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 is a unique and distinctive iteration of the classic Air Jordan 4 silhouette, designed in collaboration with Travis Scott, known for his influence in both music and fashion. Released in 2018, this collaboration features several standout elements:
  1. Cactus Jack Branding: The shoe prominently features Travis Scott's Cactus Jack branding, with the iconic face logo on the left heel tab and a hangtag with a "Cactus Jack" logo.
  2. Color Scheme: The color scheme includes earthy tones, primarily a mix of "University Blue," "Black," "Tech Grey," and "White," giving the sneakers a rugged and worn-in aesthetic.
  3. Reverse Swoosh: One of the most distinctive features is the reversed Nike Swoosh on the lateral side of the shoe, a unique design element that drew significant attention.
  4. Hidden Pockets: The tongue of the shoe features a hidden pocket, adding an element of functionality to the design.
  5. Travis Scott Details: Additional Travis Scott details include his "Cactus Jack" logo on the insoles and a subtle "Travis Scott" branding on the back of the tongue.
  6. Premium Materials: The collaboration uses premium materials, including suede and nubuck, contributing to the overall quality and style.
  7. Released in Limited Quantities: Like many highly sought-after collaborations, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 was released in limited quantities, contributing to its exclusivity and high demand.

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