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Amazon Carding Method

Want to know how Amazon gift card carding works? Then you are in the right place. This article will give a step-by-step guide about the Amazon gift card carding method. While Amazon gift carding can be tricky, we will clear everything out for you.

We are introducing an easy method, which will enable you to gift cards on Amazon easily.
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Our main focus will still be on the carding method, especially Amazon gift cards. The carding method this Amazon carding method confuses a lot of people. Many people seek our help, so it is time to put all the confusion to bed.

This method is tried and tested, and we know that it works for you. Please pay attention to each step mentioned in this guide and not just read it. Also, you should try out the method yourself before applying it. Soon, you will be able to learn how to card items on Amazon.

We will try to make the discussion as concise as possible so that beginners can easily understand it. We also included high-quality bins for those who've been asking for good bins. For beginners, the Amazon gift card carding method is always tough because the merchant or seller knows that carders are always looking for gift cards, so put tight security to stop the carders.

However, with our method, you will be easily able to bypass these fraud flags. Your target should be to appear as a normal user; you will need to learn to fool the shopping algorithms and mimic the shopping patterns. Usually, gift cards are sent automatically and don't require manual verification if you don't trigger fraud flags.

Our main focus is to avoid all the fraud flags and doesn't set any off. The goal should be to get the gift cards delivered as soon as possible. However, don't forget the delivery can take minutes and even hours. Patience is key, and don't forget to pay attention to details.
amazon carding method
amazon carding
amazon carding method

Gift Carding Method – Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Purchase CC (With Fullz)

You will first need to purchase CC Fullz (for first-time users, CC stands for Credit Cards). Here, it means buying stolen credit cards from fav vendors or auto shops. Some working Bins are:
  • 46616​
  • 422307​
  • 448848​
  • 67522​

Step 2 – Check the Card’s Balance

After purchasing a good CC, call the bank to check the card’s balance. This would also indicate that the Credit card is live. For Chase bank, please dial this no: +18004321117. For Citibank, dial +18002505114. These banks will only ask for the zip code and the card number. You will need to follow the automated voice.

Step 3 – Create an Email ID with the Same Name as Credit Card

You will need to create two Gmail Ids, one with the name of the card you bought and one with a separate name. However, the last names of both the ID’s should be the same. For example, if a CC holder’s name is Michael Clarke, the first ID should be something like [email protected]. The second email could be [email protected].

Step 4 – Connect the Socks5 and RDP

Use a cheap Socks5 or buy an RDP; both have the same function. When buying Sock5 or RDP, ensure the Proxy’s score is zero and the RdSock5 is residential.

Step 5 – Ensure RDP and Sock5 are Connected

  • Turn on Sock5 or RDP and head over to the Amazon website.​
  • Put all the CC details and then signup.​
  • If the Credit card came with a cellphone number, add the number as well. This is helpful if the order is sent for manual verification. However, nothing to worry about; Amazon hardly ever calls.

Step 6 – Place an Order

Explore the website. Usually, first-time orders often go through scrutiny; however, things get better from the second order, which will allow you to track Amazon's system. Amazon tries to find zip code, shipping and billing address mismatches especially in physical orders.

If the billing address and zip code match, it is a legit order. However, if the shipping and billing addresses don't match, merchant algorithms and security vectors sound the alarm and push the order to manual verification.

To trick Amazon's system, you will need to browse and explore the website for several hours to add cookies. You will also need to add and remove products from the cart. Then, try to find custom tables or chairs or any other item that takes at least thirty days to deliver. These are heavy-duty items.

Step 7 – Put Items in the Cart

Add items worth at least 400 dollars to the cart. Then use the credit card’s billing address as a shipping address to safely check out. Target products that take three weeks or more to ship. You need to understand that you are only ordering to trick Amazon.

Step 8 – Purchase a Gift Card

Now, you need to start purchasing the gift card. After carding the product to the credit card owner, you added the CC to the account on Amazon. Sign out of the account and leave it for 24 hours.

Step 9 – Sign In and with CC Fullz Purchase a Gift Card

24 hours later, sign in to your Amazon account, and go to this session: Electronic gift card. Next, go to Gift Cards for birthdays, and book an Electronic Gift Card. First, you must pick a birthday theme and write a wish. The content should be like you're wishing happy birthday to your son or daughter who studies in college.

Sign off by telling your son or daughter to use this Gift Card to buy an expensive item like a laptop. Make the note look convincing and emotional, and send it to the second Gmail ID you created.

Note: The first gift card should be less than 500 dollars, a code will be delivered through email, and then you can use the code yourself or exchange it for Bitcoin. Since you are using World ccs to card, you won’t be getting charged instantly, as it usually takes weeks for the banks to charge back.

Frequently Asked Question?

Is Amazon Carding Method Traceable?

Generally, it isn't easy to trace a gift card. The major component of gift cards is that they are not attached to an account or individual, so personal information is linked to them. Even if you've purchased a gift card through a credit card, Amazon will not be able to trace the funds or transactions.

Can you Recharge Amazon Gift Cards?

Yes! You can directly load your Amazon gift card with a prepaid, debit, or credit card. You can also turn on auto-reload, which enables you to add funds automatically to your Gift card balance when the balance drops below a certain amount.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Region Restricted?

Unfortunately yes! However, you can still purchase a gift card on Amazon with a non-US credit or debit card. While the gift card is redeemable in the US, Amazon will still accept payment.

Why Doesn’t Amazon tell the User who redeemed the Gift Card?

Many people get curious about why doesn't Amazon tell users who redeemed their gift cards. After all, people want their loved ones to enjoy and appreciate the gift cards. However, Amazon will never share the gift card's activity with the user. Amazon always requires an account to be eligible to purchase a gift card. Due to this, only the account holder can view the usage history of the gift card.

List of Necessities for Amazon Gift Carding?

  • A Proven Seller (Obtain a Credit Card) or a fresh credit card.
  • RDP (IP Address of the Card holder’s state should be connected).
  • Clean cookies and web history (Use CC Cleaner/Jet Cleaner).
  • Make a new and valid email address (Don't use your email, create a new one, please).

amazon carding method
carding method
carding methods


In this article, we thoroughly discuss the method for Amazon gift card carding. Carding is not easy, especially for beginners; this method will help you get it done. However, you need to understand a few things; firstly, patience is key, and secondly, you should always pay attention to details.

Follow all the instructions carefully, and ensure that you don't do anything that looks suspicious. Before placing an order, spend several hours on the Amazon website and collect cookies. Ensure the order you place should be 400 dollars at least.



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