How to Purchase Advertising Placements on Crdforum

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The practice of advertising on Crdforum is a privilege exclusively reserved for "Verified Vendors." This policy is rigorously upheld to ensure the highest levels of trust and security for our valued member base. We maintain a zero-tolerance approach to any fraudulent activities or attempts to deceive our members. Guest advertising can be attained, but only with negotiation, and users will be alerted that it is a guest advertisement and not a Verified Vendor.

Criteria for Advertising:

Crdforum strictly prohibits all advertising efforts by vendors who have not undergone the comprehensive vetting and approval process required for the "Verified Vendor" position. This stringent policy acts as a safeguard against fraudulent or deceptive advertising practices and underscores our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our platform.

Vendor Approval Process:

For vendors who aspire to advertise on the Crdforum Website or Telegram Groupchat, we provide a transparent and well-defined path through the "Vendor Approval Process." This process is designed to ensure that vendors meet the highest standards of credibility and competence. Prospective vendors are encouraged to refer to this process for in-depth guidance on becoming a "Verified Vendor."

By adhering to these strict advertising guidelines, we strive to create a safe and trustworthy environment for our members and to uphold the values of transparency and integrity that define our platform.

How to Contact for Advertising Opportunities:

Contact either the Crdfoum Moderator on Telegram: @CrdforumCoo or Email Us: [email protected]


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