EverythingReps is a SCAM


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Dec 31, 2022
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I want to share a concerning experience I had with a website called "EverythingReps." This site claims to sell replica shoes, but my recent encounter with them has raised serious doubts about their honesty and legitimacy as an online seller and more of a ripper

I decided to make a purchase on EverythingReps.com for a pair of replica shoes, specifically the Kobe Grinch sneakers. After I placed my order and made the payment, I expected to receive a confirmation email along with a tracking number for my purchase. However, to my dismay, none of this ever happened.

What troubled me the most was the complete lack of communication and the failure to provide a tracking number. I attempted to contact their customer support multiple times using the contact information provided on their website, but my inquiries were consistently met with silence. It became abundantly clear that they were purposefully ignoring my attempts to reach out.

As a result, I had no choice but to conclude that EverythingReps might be involved in fraudulent activities. It seemed that they were taking payments from customers but failing to fulfill orders or provide any means of tracking or communication.

I feel compelled to caution anyone who is considering making a purchase from EverythingReps to exercise extreme caution. Based on my personal experience, it strongly suggests that this website may be operating dishonestly and potentially scamming individuals who are seeking replica shoes. To avoid falling victim to scams like this one, it's essential to conduct thorough research and seek out reputable sellers in the online marketplace.

In summary, EverythingReps.com did not deliver on their promises, and I highly advise against making any purchases from them. Please remain vigilant when dealing with online sellers and be on the lookout for warning signs, similar to the ones I encountered in this unfortunate experience.

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