Intro : Mastering The Art OF Carding


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Mar 18, 2022
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Mastering and success of carder is not based or born of from purchasing guides/methods but from knowledge/effort and time

What its mean overall

- Yes, I agree There exist working guides/methods
- but They never be on public forums ( when yes its outdated and not works )

Process how usually people get method

This factor to find something like this is minimal because its depends on luck,skills,or even some information what you get ( for example when you work at team )
for example you search vulnerable sites with weak payment gateway and other hundred possible exploits

Every site with some kind payment gateway could be carder some could be simple like curliness on games than compare it with buy gift cards
always depends on anti-fraud system where monopol companies spend thousand/million dollars


Example how some sites accept cards

Amazon,Best Buy,Steam and etc...

Different sites which offer different and target different customer but something they have all identical
before you read answer and how I explain this problem,try think and use common sense

You don't pay over Payment-Gateway,but you link card to your account and with this pay

Difference between payment

Each method have own limitations "pros and cons"

+ You can use vbv card/msc/amex and etc ( This sites like Amazon,Best buy,Steam )
- Novices could be get canceled order and blocked account without know reason what they do wrong

Kind of redflags

Let me explain why its this mechanism more complicated and You don't know where you did mistake ( and that's problem when you re not sure where you did mistake )
- Your setting/setup/proxy ( must be perfect )
- You must have one residential IP because change ISP provider ( means socks5/proxy ) could new account flagged ( something else is used LTE/4GB where its IP per hour change ) but not DSL
- Service which provide one number,never try use VOIP
- Be sure USA match with local-area codes

Now its problem with this information what I mentioned,You could make account for example with VOIP number but you get something like shadow ban/red flag and etc
so try understand and imagine,You prepare account,its takes few days but they flagged but this you don't know

Once again last post I mentioned anti-fraud system is better each year so there is perfect/common example
when you manipulate with browser/spoof something usually like non-knowledge on IT this makes errors on canvas and webGL which don't be match ( example )

Behind scenes

JavaScript its give function and live to website,but You probably dont know what everything its do behind-scenes
on Crdforum everyone be careful on java script and etc but nobody explain why it dangerous

so basically JavaScript knows everything,screen resolution,time-zone,language,your ram,how many CPU,webGL ( basically your GPU ),canvas and etc
but its more sophisticated than you think is java script could detect how fast you move with mouse,how fast you clicking/scroll how long you spend on site ( to read about product for example )

Analyze your behavior

before we continue,you must understand we stand and battle with companies which analyze data,spend money on anti-fraud system and etc
so its common and you can find this fact how many companies analyze data overall and they share it together so they have standard profile of new customer and his behavior

be honest many novices/ have behavior like bot they visit site and under one minute they checkout product
but that's not common for customers what never visited site before

Difference between it

look this works just for sites where you visit first time and e-shop don't have any previous purchase/history and etc
but when you re stable customer and have few successful payments this example not mean to you

Behavior of real customers

There is some typical behavior factors of normal customer which visit first time site

- New customer always check few products add/remove from basket ( imagine you click on this e-shop over Facebook ads for example and you just scrolling and checking products,simple to say you don't know what you want )
- personally I recommend do this for few minutes or half hour ( not make purchase ) after it make account on e-shop and etc and you can leave that for one day

- be sure when you login back you use same IP,Use same device ( because this could be flagged )
- when you make purchase,Never focused like first on Gift Cards ( email-delivery ) Why ? because companies know its most used method and product what frauder buy

- so like first purchase some physical product on address of victim,maybe he be surprised,hah
- when payment works and order not be canceled,Good luck because I show you how and almost prepare you and your setting/setup for it

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Oct 30, 2022
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Yo does a residential IP Come with Socks5 and where’s the best place to get socks5

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