Need New Partners im in Usa East coast, Drop, Cashout, Pickup profits within few hrs


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Nov 11, 2023
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In Usa East coast i can be a drop i need to partner with intelligent person that wanna make money for now and the future i been doing this for years .. been hard to get someone to work with with knowledge of new ways of things that work now.

i can cashout, go shop at a store pick up .
i can receive carding items profits either send or ship to wherever you are in the world.

i had person in romania that use to do business with but since then turn dinosaur and dont know how new things work i been out for few years but willing to get back in and learn new ways .

message me here if legit wont make me waste my time i dont buy anything i dont sell anything i wanna be able to help each other and make some good money message me and we could exchange TELEGRAM

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