Sneaker Replica Terminology EXPLAINED 2024/2025


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Oct 1, 2023
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Comprehensive Glossary of Replication Terminology:

1. Factory Batch(s): Factory batches pertain to the manufacturing origin of a product. Given the multitude of factories involved, various names or batches are often used to delineate a particular shoe. Examples encompass "PK," "LJR," "GD," etc.

2. QC (Quality Control): QC denotes the provision of images by your seller or agent for quality assessment. Users frequently post QC images when they harbor uncertainties regarding the product's quality, seeking input from the community to identify any glaring imperfections.

3. GL (Green Light): GL signifies a user's affirmative endorsement of a QC post. It conveys the opinion that the shoes are deemed satisfactory.

4. RL (Red Light): RL denotes a user's negative assessment of a QC post, indicating that the shoes are considered unsatisfactory.

5. LC (Legit Check): LC, as the name implies, designates posts soliciting authentication checks. Legit checks are instrumental in verifying the authenticity of items under consideration.

6. GP (Guinea Pig): GP implies assuming the role of a test subject. As a GP, you are often the initial person to order a seller's newly released item. Consequently, you become the first to receive images of the product, which are frequently shared with the community for quality evaluation.

7. W2C (Where To Cop): W2C signifies the quest for a desired item. It is frequently accompanied by retail images to serve as examples.

8. 1:1 (One to One): 1:1 references a perfect replica. Although they are scarce, 1:1 replicas denote near-identical matches to authentic items, though acquisition can be challenging due to their limited availability.

9. B&S (Bait & Switch): B&S, an abbreviation for Bait & Switch, characterizes a seller who has advertised a product but subsequently delivered goods that deviate from the advertised representation.

10. Gen (Genuine Item): Gen is shorthand for genuine or authentic items. This term is commonly employed in the r/reptime community, where it is used to refer to retail products.

11. Haul: A haul denotes the simultaneous shipment of multiple replica items. Hauling is the recommended method for acquiring replicas, particularly for clothing, as it is often more cost-effective in terms of shipping when compared to dispatching individual items separately.

12. UA (Unauthorized Authentic): UA, an acronym for Unauthorized Authentic, sparks debates regarding its precise meaning. In general, UA is a term some vendors employ to denote their highest available grade, signifying the highest quality among replicas.

13. WeChat: WeChat is a messaging service frequently utilized by sellers for communication. The app can be obtained from various app stores.

14. Panda/Pandabuy: Panda or Pandabuy is a prominent agent service frequently utilized for overseas purchases.

15. WeGoBuy: WeGoBuy is another widely used agent service for acquiring overseas goods.

This glossary provides an exhaustive overview of terminology pertinent to the realm of replication. Familiarity with these terms enhances comprehension and facilitates seamless navigation of the replica community.

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