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Mar 18, 2022
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What is Gonzo-cc?

Gonzo-cc is an open marketplace where fraudsters can buy and sell stolen credit card information, including CVV and credit card dumps. With a constant stream of fresh card uploads every 24 hours, Gonzo-cc has gained attention in the carding community. In this review, the author shares their experience with Gonzo-cc and provides an in-depth analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

So I went ahead and decided to head over and review Gonzo-cc aka the carding shop. Moving forward, Most likely will not use this site in the future and here why.

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The Positive Aspects of Gonzo-cc

Gonzo-cc does have some positive aspects that are worth considering. The search filter functionality is decent, allowing users to find the desired credit card information more easily. Additionally, Gonzo-cc provides regular updates with fresh credit card data on a daily basis, ensuring a constant supply of new options. The shop has also gained a reputation as a legitimate platform, not engaging in scams or fraudulent activities. Furthermore, the search feature is effective, offering useful filters such as price to help users refine their search results.

- Search Filter is decent
- Daily quality cc
- Not a scam shop
- the search is pretty good - decent filters including price

gonzo cc

The Drawbacks of Gonzo-cc

However, there are certain drawbacks to using Gonzo-cc. One significant limitation is the absence of refunds for UK/EU and worldwide CVV purchases. This lack of buyer protection can leave customers at a disadvantage if they receive faulty or invalid cards. Another issue is the difficulties users face when seeking refunds through the ticket support system. Requests for refunds are often closed and ignored, causing frustration for customers who are seeking resolution.

Additionally, Gonzo-cc imposes a time constraint on users after purchasing a card, allowing only 30 seconds to use the checker tool. This limited timeframe can be seen as unfair to customers, as it restricts their ability to verify the validity of the purchased card. Furthermore, the checker tool is only functional for cards from Canada and the USA, limiting its usability for customers from other regions.

  • No refunds on UK/EU and worldwide cvv
  • Refusing to refund ticket support, refund tickets are closed and ignored.
  • After purchasing your card, you only get 30 seconds use the checker (Unfair).
  • Checker only working for CANADA & USA


The Issues with Gonzo-cc

In addition to the drawbacks mentioned, Gonzo-cc also has some notable issues that impact the user experience. The shop's interface is buggy and restrictive, leading to a subpar browsing experience. Users encounter difficulties navigating the site and may face limitations in accessing certain features. Another drawback is the shop's reliance on JavaScript, which hinders accessibility for users who prefer or require JavaScript-free browsing. This limitation can exclude a significant portion of potential users who value privacy or have specific browsing preferences.
  • - Shop is very buggy and restrictive not many options
  • - Cant use without JS BUMMER
  • - Minimum deposit is $15 but in other parts of the shops its labled only $2
Moreover, confusion arises regarding the minimum deposit amount, as it is labeled differently in different parts of the shop. This inconsistency can cause frustration and uncertainty among customers, potentially deterring them from making purchases.



Evaluating the Overall User Experience

When considering the overall user experience, it is important to weigh the positive aspects against the drawbacks and issues of Gonzo-cc. Users must carefully assess their priorities and requirements before deciding whether to use this platform. Comparing Gonzo-cc with other carding shops in terms of features, user-friendliness, and customer support can also help in making an informed decision.

Recommendations and Future Potential

Based on the observations and analysis of Gonzo-cc, several recommendations can be made to enhance the platform. Implementing refund policies for all regions, including UK/EU and worldwide, would provide buyers with greater protection and ensure fair transactions. Addressing the responsiveness and effectiveness of the ticket support system is crucial to resolving customer issues promptly and efficiently.

Extending the duration for using the checker tool after card purchase would give users a fair opportunity to verify the validity of their purchased cards. Additionally, expanding the functionality of the checker tool to include regions beyond Canada and the USA would improve its usability for a wider range of customers.

Improving the shop's interface, resolving bugs, and increasing options would enhance the user experience by providing a smoother and more comprehensive platform. Furthermore, considering alternative methods or options for customers who prefer or require JavaScript-free browsing would increase accessibility and cater to a broader audience. Finally, ensuring consistency in the minimum deposit amount throughout the shop would eliminate confusion and enhance transparency for users.


In conclusion, Gonzo-cc has both positive and negative aspects that users should carefully consider before engaging with the platform. While the search filter functionality, daily updates, and reputation as a legitimate shop are commendable, limitations such as the absence of refunds for certain regions, difficulties in obtaining refunds, and usability constraints should be taken into account. Users must evaluate their priorities and requirements to determine whether Gonzo-cc aligns with their needs. Exploring alternative carding shops and considering their features and customer support can aid in making an informed decision in the evolving landscape of credit card fraud marketplaces.


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