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Mar 18, 2022
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Dread Forum: Reddit of the Dark Web

Dread is a thriving darknet social media platform established in 2018, offering an important platform to discuss privacy and security concerns. This unique forum can only be accessed via Tor or i2p on the dark web, enabling discussion branching beyond traditional censorship boundaries.

Dread, created by HugBunter and administered principally by Paris, is a forum with an infrastructure that mirrors Reddit's. On Dread, anyone can have an account provided they use Tor or i2p as their form of entry. The platform actively supports the people’s right to express themselves freely, typically only stepping in when content is not relevant to what it was intended for or turns out to be spam.

Dread web link – dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion

With a rapidly growing membership of 200,000 users, Dread Forum is revolutionizing online discussion with its innovative point system similar to that used by Reddit. To further personalize the user experience, recently added Twitter-esque features enable members to select topics they're interested in and quickly receive suggestions for relevant subdread communities as well as other tailored experiences.

Once you are logged in, Dread greets users with an ever-changing window into the action – its frontpage displays a collection of the most active and recently created threads. Plus, there’s no need to create to explore Dread's diverse discussion topics from all over the world.​

About Dread subdreads

Subdreads are something that many people enjoy and discuss on forums. An array of interesting topics covers a range from Darknet markets to Hacking, providing an engaging platform for users to express their thoughts and opinions. A few particularly popular subdreads include:

/d/Dread - the official community for announcements about Dread

/d/DarkNetMarkets - Explore Darknet Markets and Vendors

/d/OpSec – Detailed discussion on threat models, Operation Security and Protection

/d/Hacking – Discussion on different types of hacking, Operation Security and programming

/d/Monero – Discussion related to Monero - a decentralized cryptocurrency​

Dread Security Features​

Dread darknet is a discussion forum with an easy account creation process and advanced security measures to ensure secure usage. Paris, the creator of Dread expresses that "this unique platform was originally intended to be open-source but due its intricate anti-manipulation systems, it has become proprietary, making it difficult for anyone else on the market today."

For the utmost security and privacy, Dread forum employs state-of-the art PGP verification to ensure user protection. They don't rely on third party software or scripts like JavaScript; rather they have implemented a secure captcha system that offers optimal defense against malicious DDOS attacks as well as eliminating spam from cluttering up your visit.​


  • It contains important information that will help you navigate the dark web and stay secure.​
  • Admins are engaged participants, eager to answer questions from users regarding the forum.​
  • Screening procedure for markets to ensure reliable operations are included​
  • Create an atmosphere that encourages dialogue among a set of users.​


  • Despite four years of service, the number of active users remains relatively low.​
  • The complex captcha system may be discouraging some users from participating.​
  • Discussions with a libertarian bent can make the atmosphere feel chaotic, not for those with a faint heart.​
  • Due to its lack of transparency, it is difficult to verify the claims of administrators and moderators.​


dread onion serves as the foremost source of news and information on darknet markets and other aspects of the deep web. Unlike traditional social media platforms, Dread forums is accessible exclusively through Tor or i2p networks – offering an unrestricted platform for discussing topics related to this realm.

Dread serves as an invaluable platform for discussing darknet market-related topics, ensuring detailed vetting of users and keeping fraudulent activity to a minimum. With the help of diligent admins and moderators who monitor content closely, this remains one of the most reliable resources for staying up-to-date on this quickly evolving field.

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